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The term Tire Calligraphy was coined by Matej, referring to the skid marks when ridding fixed gear. The full phrase was and still is Tire Calligraphy, Mallet & Ball, which represents the progression of our interests, ridding fixed gear and playing bike polo.

Our most important fuel, is the passion to build, be a part of and provide support for the community, the only way we can, striving to provide top quality products from local, regional and worldwide designers and master craftsmen. All of them, people who settle for nothing less than creating top quality solutions for everyday situations, offering products built on a DIY principle, which we believe is the most honest and humble one. With a pulse on the community, being an active part of it, these people took matters in their own hands and changed the game for the better, creating products others and themselves are proud to use. Calligraphy for us represents making a mark, leaving a track. All of these individuals and the ones we choose to collaborate with are making one themselves.

Tire Calligraphy started as and still represents the passion for cycling, but gradually reinvented itself into a wider interest and never-ending thirst for the next challenge, being physical as in running, being social with collaborations that match our vision of aesthetics and functionality, with every individual in mind.

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