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Polo Deathmoth patch


Image of Polo Deathmoth patch
  • Image of Polo Deathmoth patch
  • Image of Polo Deathmoth patch

Every creative individual is allowed to have a creative block from time to time, right?
Well, that's exactly what happened to Skillcollector in Spring 2016. when he was working on the visual identity for the fourth Zagreb International bike polo tournament.
Then bam, one steamy evening, as he was coming back home, right in front of his door he found this madcrazy big bug - a moth to be exact. True story bro! And yeah, that's the story behind The Moth. He started sketching and we fell in love with the design immediately!

Tire Calligraphy premiered the apparel with 2 pieces, a black 'Polo Deatmoth' aka 'The Introvert' T and a baby pink 'Polo Deathmoth' crewneck. Even though we couldn't know, but only hope for it, this mini collection turned out and still is the bomb.

The line now continues with a Polo Deatmoth patch avaialble as a single item and soon to be a detail on a new design we are currently working on - The Mint Moth.
Stay tuned!